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Joe H & Ruttin: I have heard a lot of guys mention Slick Tricks on the hunting forums I frequent. I have not seen them carried at a local shop, so I haven't run into anyone shooting them. I have been doing my homework on-line. They look like a great design! I really like how the blades lock into the head. They are definitely on my short list now. I was leaning heavily to the Shuttle T Lock, but I am giving the Slick Trick Magnum 100 grain a serious look. I also like the idea that I can sharpen them more easily then the Shuttle T Lock.

It seems the Shuttle T-Lock is the standard for forgiving flight on a fixed blade. Is that safe to say? Would I be giving anything up with the Slick Tricks?

I have also heard some reports of Slick Tricks being a bit noisy in flight. Is that true?
I've shot both of those a lot in the past...Here's my Pro's & Con's of both=
Shuttle T's= PRO's
Best flight at long range that I've ever got with a fixed blade head after testing a bunch out to 100yds
Tough as nails and you don't have to worry about the blades coming out of them
Sharper since Trophy Taker bought them from Tight Point, and the new Black Op's model is supposed to be even sharper
Kinda pricey and not as easily found as some other brands "but it seems like most big stores carry them now days"
Still not the sharpest heads I've seen

Slick Trick= PRO's
Dang good buy for the money, standard Tricks can be found for less than $25 a 3 pack which is cheap these days
Sharp, all of them I've ever handled have been scary sharp out of the package
Really good flight out to about 70-80yds, then I had some drop off with them compared to Shuttle's.
The long range drop off I mentioned above...It was really obvious at 100yds, but honestly I don't plan on shooting anything but foam at that range.
Blades aren't as strong as Shuttle T's....Not weak but not Shuttle T strong
Can be hard to find in a lot of areas

I'm probably gonna switch over to Slick Tricks for elk hunting because I can get them dirt cheap compared to other heads and they are a really good head.