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Shuttle for sure, G5's are good, I like how the shuttles fly, seem to steer a little less with the design, and no broadhead is punching threw a mature elks shoulder blade.
I have seen a G5 striker do it and a Ramcat do it. The G5 punched through the blade at 25 yards and broke an opposing rib. Bull went 75 yards. The Ramcat was a quartering away shot at 40 yards. Went in by the last rib and exited the opposite shoulder blade for a complete pass through. Bull went 50 yards.

Used the shuttle-t's one year and put a forward shot on one @ 12 yards. That head acted like it hit a brick wall. This was towards the back of the bulls shoulder to, not the thick stuff. After that, me and my brother tested the shuttle on various dense objects. Epic fail. The blades are to steep for dense bone. So yes, a good head will punch a shoulder blade, and others will not.