We got up to our camp site on the night before opener and got settled in. I didn't have high hopes for this hunt because if how dry it was. My dads friend and my dad had a couple good waterholes claimed. They ended up drying up and we ended up with a hole too close to the road. While his buddy got a waterhole on the other side of the unit. We hunted the first day and had a 72 inch buck come in an two does. Then after leaving the blind an coming back or the evening we bumped a big old buck that horns just laid flat out he was a definite shooter. We thought if he was thirsty he would hit the water, we thought wrong. That night a truck pulled into camp and it was our buddy. He had killed an 80 incher off of his hole on opening morning. He explained where it was if we wanted to go over there. We sat our hole the next morning waiting for my grandpa to get in to move. We saw zero antelope and the cattle rancher just pulled up in his truck let his dogs out and talked to us. We moved camp that night to where our friend killed his buck. We sat in the blind that night from 7 to dark and just saw a doe and fawn come to water. The next couple days we had nothing but a 6 inch buck and a 70 inch buck come in. Then on Saturday August 4 we had been in the blind since before dark. On most days the antelope would be in after 9 am. So usually we wouldn't be expecting anything until then. As I was just about to fall asleep my grandpa said he saw antelope. Doe, doe, then the 70 inch buck. Then BANG. I saw a huge heart on the skyline, a shooter buck! He ran into water and my dad got a 20 yard shot! He hasn't shot anything with a bow in a while so he was excited and when he shot he jerked the bow to see where it hit. He hit the antelope back, probably liver. Now it's 730 am. We kept track of the buck all day. Now at about 330 pm I watched him get up through the spotter and go down hard! We started walking up to him and we saw his head up! My dad decide to put another arrow in him and snuck up to 26 yards and put one in the boiler room! He. Green scored right around 77 and had horns just under 16 inches!Click image for larger version. 

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