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I'm at the tail end of doctorate research project at Auburn University in Wildlife Sciences (got my B.S. and M.S. in same field at NC State), so I'm currently dealing with a very saturated job market even at that end of the spectrum. I've got more friends than I count on my fingers and toes with a 4 year degree and struggling to find a job that even pays $30,000 full-time. I'd think long and hard before counting on making a career in natural resources and if you do proceed with that career path know that an advanced degree is almost a MUST to be competitive for even entry-level biologist jobs. 4-year guys are grunts on burn crews, bush hog tractors, and picking invasive weeds off mountain sides right now. Bottom line is that the 4-year degree job applicant is growing at a rate exponentially greater than the job market can support and has been for some time now. Sorry to be a downer, but that is the harsh reality of the budget cuts that have hit the field often and hard over the last decade.
Is that for your area, or everywhere?