So maybe this is a little bit of a different question, but I am 20 years old and I am just thinking about what I want to do in this life for a career ha. Im really into the outdoors and I have thought a little bit about getting some type of job for Fish and Wildlife Services or BLM or something like that... Im not too familiar about the jobs that are out there, but maybe you guys can help me out...
What are some of the jobs that I could look into?
What kind of schooling would I need to get for that career (I am still planning on being in college for at least 3 more years)?
What are some things that a wildlife biologist does?

I just really enjoy being in the outdoors a lot so it would only make sense to get a job where I can spend time outside, right? If I have to have a "desk job" for 30 years I might go crazy ha.

Any ideas??

PS: I not looking for a "tree hugger" job where I have to go out and count how many blades of grass there are in an area ha... just keep that in mind haha