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Thanks for all the info folks. At least it doesn't sound critical enough for Wyoming G&F to close the season or anything.
I think the season will be good this year for the 'Horns. I think last year would have been a bad year if there was going to be one. The 'Horns had so much snow and kept getting hit with spring storms that the snow was still around untill July. The grass could not come up through the snow. I went and hung a trail camera up high thinking it would be a good area. Went and checked on it about this time last year and there was not much activity on it becuase the grass did not not come up like I thought it would.

I think there is a good amount of grass on the hills. It might be browner than it should in spots but at least its there.

Good luck hunting, I have been seeing lots of animals up in 38,39, and 40. Now I just have to find the big boys, I know they are around.