Well I was recently bowhunting this past weekend and week for pronghorn here in NV. Well after a busted stalk with me and my brother we started walking back to the truck. It was probably a minute or 2 after the blown stalk and All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain. I knew immediately he got me with his BH. He left the arrow nocked on the bow and didn't realize he was too close to me. So when he took a step forward the broadhead went about a inch into my calf and cutting part of my muscle. So we got the blood flow tied off by tying a tourniquet. Another lesson learned is when you have no service you have NO service. You can't call 911. So we finally got signal and a ambulance was headed to meet us. I did end up with 7 stitches and almost a ruined hunt. I almost sealed the deal on a goat but he wouldn't give me a shot. So I am posting my story to warn everyone to be careful and to watch where your arrow is because it can definitely be alot worse. Pics are below.