I have googled, binged, and asked ill I am blue in the face. I see Salt it. Don't salt it. freeze it, don't freeze it. just keep it cold. So I am lost and wanted to see what you guys had to say.

I will be back in the mountain and may take me 5 days to get to a taxidermist, may take 2 to get to a cooler. If I get an elk that I want to put on the wall what do I do? Sorry I am a newbie to this and want to make sure I do it right.

Can I cape it, leave the skull and put in a cooler in a platic bag with ice for a couple of days? Do I need to remove the skull and cape the whole thing? I really don't want to salt it, because I doubt I have the paitence or skill ot remove everything necessary to do that. (face, ears, lips, eyes along iwht getting the meat and fat off) But if that is what I need to I will, I just don't want to screw it up.

If I could get it the hide and skull to a cooler would that buy me some time?