The last couple of years I have faced the problem of who to hunt with especially for big game. I hunted with a good friend for 40 years all over the US. He retired about the same time as I did and moved here to Colorado around the same time as my wife and I did. He and his wife lived about a mile away. She passed away a couple of years ago and he moved back to California to be near his kids. Last year I went on a guided elk hunt alone and this year I'll be hunting elk here in Colorado alone. (I am going to Wyoming antelope hunting with another friend from California who I have hunted with for a long time) My wife is a little worried about me hunting alone. I have ordered a SPOT from Cabelas which helps with here concerns.

But the issue is still there. I hunt waterfowl alone near my home all winter. It's fun but really a lot of work alone. Putting up and taking down 4 or 5 dozen goose decoys alone (in addition to taking them to the field) is a lot of work. Sitting in the blind watching the sun coming up is just magic tho and makes up for all the hard work. I am not a loner and I enjoy the companionship. My wife has hunted some with me, but it is just not her deal, even tho she jumps at the chance to go fishing.

My son is busy running his own trucking business, so another hunting partner is unavailable. Another problem is I am 70 and most of the guys my age who are retired I shoot with and know are not near as capable physically as I am.I guess solo is the only way to go for now! The older I've become, more and more of my old hunting/shooting friends have either died of quit for various reasons.