I'm afraid I may not have the most reliable hunting partner and more importantly, if he falls through, I may be hunting solo b/c I don't have any other friends that enjoy the hunting experience like me...ever happen to anyone reading this forum??

I'm new to hunting in Colorado and although I've hunted many years in the northern Rockies, I've never hunted the central Rockies of Colorado--let alone going solo. Given that my friend has never taken to the hills to bag a big game animal, I'm afraid he's drastically unprepared for November's 4th rifle season; regardless of all my "heads up's" around equipment, weapon care, ammo, and down right shooting practice and exercise/scouting. Needless to say, I feel like I'm a bit handcuffed b/c I never really considered a plan "B"...

I've done a TON of research, talked (on many occasions) to the DOW hunt planners and forest service folks, and will be the main source of getting into and out of the GMU we both drew tags for--doubt he's done anything. That said, does anyone have any suggestions for A) how to handle my flakey friend who said months ago and continues to say he's "all in" for this falls hunting trip, however continues to flake out on any/all hunt preparedness trips/planning sessions etc. and B) how to find a reliable and similar hunter as me to go with...perhaps in the same situation?

Basically, I'm beginning to get a feel for what plan "B" is going to be...solo or other.

Any suggestions for how to deal with a crappy hunting partner whom has never bagged an animal yet claims he's "all in"?