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Thats where your failing to understand how this states G&F works, its not salary envy its common sense. Its why detroit F-ed up. You dont pay someone 30$ an hour to push a damn button. Here (WY) you have a fisheries, and a big game side, funny how the big game side is the only side thats loosing the G&F money. The fisheries division profits millions of $$$. Not saying they shouldnt get paid, kudos to them for geting the money, I have many degrees could have made way more money than I did in a contract position, but chose that job because of the job. Its a great gig, thats why you can get better people with less pay, oh and by the way, the HP's here have high school degrees (not nocking a High school degree) so not exactly the cream of the crop. Its not a revenue problem thats B.S. I dare them to show us a number of any decrease in license sales, or any proof of less folks putting in for those licenses. The state poulation in the last ten years has almost doubled. Its a lie plain and simple, they just want more $$$, or are just planning more pay increases. And the trucks they replace when they get 75k miles on them. And its supposed to be that only on call LE guys can drive department trucks home. Now I see biologists, supervisors, and heck even the director of them gets to drive his green truck home and to work every day. Betcha that adds up to a few grand every month in just fuel.
No increases I dnt care if its for Res, or NR...

Let em go belly up, maybe its time to start over.
Amen to that.