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    WY G&F in Financial Trouble...

    Ha Ha are you kidding me, in the Casper (RED) Star front page says there in a financial crisis and want the public input on what to do. Are you freaking kidn me, how about drop your freakknnn salaries you idiots. A game warden clears over 5500.00 a month plus free room and board, elec, and water not to mention the insane re-tiremnt. I hope everyone knows that NR, or resident that tag prices are going to go up cause of the greedy devils. Please for the love of the good lord some one with common sense show up to that meeting, and tell them to take a pay cut and leave the prices alone. There is no reason to have a regional wildlife supervisor, and a regional wildlife biologist supervisor. Together those two positions clear 200k, just wastefull politic crap that me and you will pay for.
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