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    An old friend comes home.

    Back many years ago. 1977 maybe. My father and I went to an auction.One of the local gun shops was going out of business. We bid on and won a Remington 788 in 308. An ugly duckling that was a fact,but it shot quite well. I used it a couple years and ended up putting a M70 XTR 270 on lay away as my next rifle. Dad offered to buy a scope for the 270 in exchange for the 788. Being young and broke,I accepted his offer.He and I were hobby gunsmithing at the time,so he decided to "Gussy up" old ugly duck. It took some time,but he eventually got her done. After removing the sprayed on varnish and walnut finish,he checkered and inlaid her with some brass. Skeletal grip caps were all the rage at the time so one was in order. So it was written so it shall be done. Some walnut stain and a little tru oil on the old birch plank and she was done. A pretty nice looking 788.
    He shot a deer or two with it. Stored it mostly. Then a young fella related to Dad's woman friend at the time wanted to buy her. Damn if he didn't do it too! I was a little upset that it got out of the family,but the fella was a genuinely nice guy and very careful with his belongings. Low and behold about a week ago,he showed up at Dad's place,with the 788,in just the same condition it was in 10 years ago! He wanted Dad to have it back as he could no longer hunt. What a super gesture. This time Dad brought her over. It was time for her to come home. Here are a few pics of the old girl. I hope the devoted 788 folks don't mind the alterations. I like them.

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