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Thread: idaho unit 54

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    idaho unit 54

    hello nevada? ive drawn on idahos super hunt ag for elk and plan on archery hunting unit 54 in idaho. any of you boys/gals know this country? ive a few places picked out on my topos but some further info would help out on driving money and scouting time, which is very limited this fall. ill be in there the last 2 weeks of sep. thanks!!

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    Believe it or not, I would hunt the first two weeks (pre-rutt) vrs the last two weeks (peak rutt) for that hunt. The big bulls will most likely be without cows. The smaller bulls will be herding up the cows.. In my experience, it's easier to call in the large/lone bull at that time, vrs when they have 15 other eyes with them.
    EAGLE SPRINGS! Good luck.

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