Went out for a short scouting trip, no gun, no camera, and no spotter, just binos. Got between 3groups of elk about a mile apart and could count about 40 head. One bull looked to be good, he was about a mile away. A buck antelope, a doe and 3 babys all laying down. I had already seen teo coyotes and a pack started howling near the antelope so the antelope doe and babys came to us passing about 50 yards away. All the time there were eight elk about two hundred yards grazing in deep grass. The buck saw me in the open and came straight to me while I was looking at him through 10 power binos. He passed about 40 yards away and I don't know much about judging goats but he is about the best I have seen. His horns were more than two times the length of his ears and wide too. This all took place less than 3 mile from my house which is for sale. Some of the elk were a gps 1 mile away.
Our high country appears to be in good shape, we had some more rain today. Grass was really good and the elk were in good shape with lots of new crop babies.