Ok,I know I'm not the only female hunter out there so let's get a form going.i.e. hunting stories,photos,helpful info for each other ect.
I'm Elizabeth and I live in Dillon,MT I have been hunting since I was 3 year old with my Dad.I hunt with both Bow and rifle and have a great love for the outdoors and God.I do alot of backcountry hunting to get away from the crowds my normal day of hunting is 15 miles of hiking and yes 95% of this is by myself.I started Bivy hunting two years ago and it has been fun.
I had an awsome hunting season last fall got a 5x3 bull elk,5x5 whitetail buck and my antelope buck with my sister with me and got to see my 14 year old brother get his first bow mulie buck second deer with a bow to date..and just to think I almost didn't get to hunt last year becuase of a work injury to my wrist. As I staed above I took a 5x3 bull I
had a cast on I think this was the hardest and funnest hunt I've had to date and yes I had to take some painkillers that night.I shoot him at 10 yard and had to pack him out 1 1/2 miles by myself.. And I can't wait until next season.
I am thinking of going bear hunting this spring it well be my first bear hunt.
Would love to hear from anyother female hunters out there!!