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this will get shot down. something deff needs to happen though, we need to make these things scared of us, getting to dangerous out there, even for the seasoned sportsman. had 2 diff sets of grizz tracks at my bait sight this spring, a unit fish and game claims grizz hasnt habbited yet, think again.
I've talked to a couple outfitters and have heard scary stories. One guy fired 3 slugs from a 12 ga. next to the bear that was on their elk when the came back to get it and that wouldn't scare it off until he switched to 00 buck. My friend rode up one side of the mtn. to get his elk and passsed 6 different grizzlies. on the way back down the other side he passed 7 different grizzlies. That's a little over populated. A taxidermist friend has a picture of a grizzley sleeping on top of their elk. Screw that ! 6 yrs. ago I was driving up the mtn. and saw a sow griz with two cubs going the oposite direction. later on I found a dead buck they were feeding. about a 20 in 4 pt.. I still wonder if the bear killed it or found it dead or what. Was out in the open ???