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    Quote Originally Posted by HuntWYODon View Post
    Remember you guys, like the big cat trainer said ( and I didn't remember) don't turn your back on a cat.Keep an eye out behind you... I was talking with Sawfish yesterday about X10,X9A and X12 and remembered and encounter of sorts in X9A 2006. A friend and I were riding our quads up McGee Mtn. We had passed some doe's on one of the switchbacks. The next switch back two mtn. lions came from the uphill side of me , across the road running down hill in the direction of the deer. They were sub adult size. I think I ruined their stalk on those deer I passed. I thought ha ha too bad ! I have a friend in Ut. who's bother was riding a quad and a deer went flying right in front of him and he slammed on the brakes and a couple seconds later a mtn. lion came off the upside of the hill and plowed right into him and knocked him off the quad ! The lion got up and continued down the hill towards the deer. I don't think he's lying to me. He's not a BS'er. That would of freaked the heck out of me.
    LOL, What a story about the lion knocking him off. Thats probley worse odds than winning the lotto.
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    Lol ! Might be right ! His brother told me the same story and then some when they packed me in with all their mules on a Ut, Book Cliffs Roadless elk hunt in 2009. I believe him even more than his bro and his friend that was with him was with us there too. He said no bs also. I don't think anybody would believe me ! Nobody believed me about the one on my back biting my neck but my best friend was there to verify !
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