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It is a lot of work, but you know what you have, as it has never left your possession from the time of kill. No "mixed meat" like you get from the volume Colorado processors, no hair, no dirt, etc., and (hopefully) you will never lose your own deer. I bought a Gamesaver (HD Foodsaver) a couple of years ago, which is something that I swore I would never do, but a bargain price of a SHOT Show sample changed my mind. Sorry that I did not get one sooner. My previous method was one wrap with clear food grade plastic wrap (nor saran wrap), and two wrappings with coated butcher paper. That takes a tremendous amount of time with a big deer or bear, and an eternity with an elk. I can accomplish the same thing with the Gamesaver in one-third the time using HD bags and vacuum seal. Even faster last year because I convinced one of my grand-daughters how much fun it was, and she did all of the vacuum sealing, plus I already have volunteers for this year.
Hey Saw,
I use a vacuum sealer also. I have a big one and a small one. I just use the big one with 8 and 11 in. bags. It's the only way to go. Been using since 2006. Last a long time in the freezer too. I've had 3 yr. old meat with no problems. The HD bags are sometimes hard to find. Man, I haven't been on the Forum since Dec. ???? See you in a few months... Hope you had a great time in Mammoth and got some scouting in you old fart. ))