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Hi everyone,
New to this forum but live in Running Springs and have hunted the past two seasons in D14. 2010 was my first year hunting and I'm teaching myself. Good to see people are successful here. Truth is I've seen alot of bucks and a couple huge ones last year and this year so keep at it. An old 5x2 was hit about a month age right near the top of the 330. There's deer every where, they are just hard to find and hunt. This past winter was pretty dry but there is still alot of vegatation and it seems like there was alot of breeding/ numbers due to the previous two winters. There's also alot of deer getting hit between Pali mountain and Kuffle canyon. Just got back last night from San Gorgonio and wasn't successful during archery season but can't wait for rifle to start.
Did you see any deer in San Gorgonio. Planning to hike in On Monday after the opener for a few days.