Hi...I just found out my wife and I drew Unit 215 for antelope in Montana. We had applied there since it was about the toughest unit to draw in the state and was closer to Oregon and my plan was just to earn a point. Well, it was looking like a slow year for tags with only a tag for Utah deer as of late May. In the last few weeks we hit on two Wyoming antelope tags, an Oregon sheep tag, then last week our card was hit for an Arizona deer tag (possibly a Strip tag). Last night we found out my wife and I drew the Montana antelope tags.

Unit 215 is just east of Deer Lodge, Montana. Does anyone have any insight on this unit? Is the trophy quality good. it was one of the recommended units in Mike Eastman's book on antelope. The draw odds are terrible for the minimal tags given (15 to 25 tags). I will need to make some decisions on how to try to work this hunt in (or not) in the next couple weeks.

Thanks a bunch for any info you might share. Feel free to PM me.