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    Thanks guys for the replys. I hope to have more optics to compare soon. The Minox HG binos shipped today so I'm anxious to test them in the low light.

    I'm getting married in September and registered at Cabelas. If I get enough gift cards to pay part of it I'm going to get a big spotter to use from the truck or on short hikes and keep my ED50 for the backcountry. My fiance is also a hunter and loves to ride with me to scout bucks from the truck, so she is ok with me getting high end optics as long as she gets to look through them too. I figure if I have 2 spotters and 2 good binos at least I'll get to use whichever ones she doesn't like as well. Sometimes when I'm working until after dark she goes alone or sometimes we split up when the days get short to cover more ground the last few minutes of light so extra good glass will help.

    I should be sitting pretty good if I get the big spotter. I'll have my cheaper 8x minox to leave in the truck year round, my good HG 8x minox, my 13x minox for big eyes, my ED50 for a light packing spotter, and plans for a 20-60 with at least an 80mm objective for long range scouting/scoring. For my budget, that's a pretty decent line-up a cost of about $2300 plus whatever I spend on a big spotter. The $2300 is figuring like I paid everything in cash, some of that value was in my trades I sent SWFA. I've spent a while watching for deals and used SWFA's price match or Sample List to help afford some items also. Maybe someday I'll trade some of them on Swaro replacements, but I'm not on a Swaro budget now.
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