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Just wondering has anyone tagged anything, archery, in the northern part of the state yet? It's been a few weeks now right?
My A22 tag doesn't opem till Sept.something. Nice to see something in the Ca. section come alive Muleys ! Have you been avoiding me ? lol !
Just got loaded up ready to go tomorrow morning for my loper hunt in N/E Ca. . 750 mi. 12+ hr drive. I can make it to Evanston Wy. in 12 hrs.. WTF ? LOL ! Send you and bigshot pics if I hammer something respectable. Both of you good luck in D14 and D16. My friend got back today finally from Alaska. He said it was 63 there when he left and is freakin out how hot is is here. I told him today it was cool. 2 days ago it was 105 in Poway. Probably 110 in Winchester where he lives. 63....I wish !