I bought this rangefinder at Cabelas last fall. I checked out rangefinders from the cheap Bushnells and the Cabelas labeled ones, (also Bushnells I think), to the Leupolds, Zeiss was a strong runner up, and a peek through the Swarovski.

Cost was a limiting factor so I put down the Swarovski, the black LED on the Bushnells were suck city. I wont touch Nikkon, in fact took all my Nikkon products out back last year and used em for golf balls when they took their funding away from SFW.

So it came down to the Leupold at the time the RX-1000 was $349 and the TBR version was $399. (prices have changed since last fall sadly ) I looked over both. Decided I don't tree-stand, its not sporting enough, and don't care for the angle help at a $50 increase of cost.
The bright red LED, the battery level indicator, the small size, and one button use. Loved all of it.
The Zeiss were nice, but noone could get the $799 range finder to show me a battery meter. SERIOUS? it was out.

Leupold got my money.

Now here is why I took time to post this, now they everyone knows what things I looked at I am now having an issue with these.
I get them to range it seems just fine up to 400-500 yards. Sometimes, and rarely so, I can get it to give me a reading out to 600 maybe 650 yards. The few times I have gotten a reading is on a freakin building.
Don't get me wrong, I mean its nice to know how far a building is away sometimes, but for something labeled RX-1000, one would guess its a 1000 yrd capable device at best. That and I don't often find myself hunting in areas very often that have too many large buildings.
Has anyone else had much exposure to range finders in the long range use. I primarily bow hunt, so the long range is not needed as much as wanted.
I am still using the same battery that came with it, and have not really used it much at all other than the little play one does with new toys when they come out of a box. To be certain, I am planning on buying a new battery for it and see if its all just a matter of low battery, but the indicator shows full, so I think thats just going to produce the same results.
Leupold says I can mail it to them and they will send it back after checking it out, but I want that to be my last option not my first.
The last time I tried to get it to range something was a trackhoe that was out on a logging job. It was about 640 yards out, but I had to walk up about 40 - 50 yards closer before it would give me a reading. 598 yards out.
In my mind a 1000 yard ranger should be able to read 10 tons of steel with ease within 1000 yards.
Any help would be great.