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    Quote Originally Posted by PLP View Post
    one of my dogs was a rat terrier which was my squirrel dog..the other was a shitzu..within 5 min of being bitten they were paralyzed,and couldnt control body functions..shallow breathing..within a few hours they were gone..The first one I paid the money for the anti-venom..the second..didnt make it to the vet.they were 10# dogs.My uncle had a few walker dogs that had been bitten,and their heads swole up like basketballs,but they made it.I think it depends on the size of the dog.
    Was definitely because of the small dog. They can also control the pressure of their bite. The harder they bite, the more venom injected. A fear thing with them. You can even get a dry bite. Probably a large rattler too. Big snake, more venom, small snake, less venom. Don't buy that BS about "the little ones are more potent". That's a shame though. If you still have small dog's it may pay to buy some anti venom. Not cheap. Out here it was $250.00 a vile 5 yrs ago.
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