Back in 1997 I was hunting lopers near Dubois. I kneeled down and had my left hand on the ground. I just happened to look down and about 6 in. from my hand was a little 1 1/2 prarie rattler coiled up inside of the weeds. I pulled my hand away fast and as I was doing it the rattler struck at my hand. About 1 second later he would of tagged me. The guy I was hunting with saw it and freaked out. I pinned it down and caught it and took it back to his truck. He hated snakes. I did the same thing to a friend in Ca. once and he beat me back to his truck and took off and left me for about 20 min.. I've seen rattlers in Wy. in Sept. and Oct. but never in Nov.. Too cold and hibernating by then unless you get a warm spell. Never had trouble with mosquitos. A 22 auto pistol would be a good repelant without making a bunch of noise, maybe.