Hey guys I have had the curse of the antelope my entire life. I tried to figure out Wyoming last year for the leftover sale but just ran out of time. I vowed to do it again this year and tag my first doe. I have struck out in Craig CO on does and once when I was young even struck out in Wyoming. I have OTC CO archery hunted them the past 3 years and those wary goats keep getting the best of me. Additionally, the Colorado point creep has had me chasing a tag for 10 years, but that's beside the point.

I live in Ft Collins so I am trying to find a spot close. I checked the leftover lists and walk in access and decided 36 might hold some potential to finally tag one of these critters. I took a drive up there today and pretty well covered the unit looking for goats. After 180 miles of backroads I had officially seen one group of 5 does and a buck. The walk in and state ground looked promising but there wasn't a critter in sight.

Thus I'm desperate now with leftovers going on sale Tuesday. Can anyone offer me up some advice? I am willing to travel a little ways for an area that holds good numbers. Essentially I just want one for the freezer. If you could help that would be awesome. I'd be willing to share some CO elk/mule deer knowledge in exchange. Feel free to pm me as I'm sure most would be more comfortable with that.

Thanks guys and the best of luck this season!