Anybody done any loading for the .375 Ruger. I've read that you can't duplicate Hornady's factory speeds with the powders currently available to the public (at least in the 20" Ruger Alaskan). I have a 300 gr. factory loaded bullet that lodged in the spine of a carabou at under 200 yds. It was intact, mushroomed, and weighed in at 150 gr. Not exactly the "anything on the planet" performance they claim. I pulled all the bullets from 3 boxes of factory 300 gr. ammo, and weighed the powder charges for all 60. They ranged from 85.5 gr. to 88 gr. and everything in between. Not exactly the height of precision. I'm going to reload with A-Frames, but the only powder tip I've gotten so far is Reloader 17. Any other options out there? Thanks.