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    Quote Originally Posted by dhershberger View Post
    That still has way to many what if's and unknowns for me! When you practice at home at 50 yds., you dial in for 50 yds.! You don't dial in for 30 yds and then shoot at 50 yds so you can try to guess how far the arrow drops! It really is not ethical to shoot at an animal at fifty yards when you sight is dialed in for thirty because there is a good chance that your arrow hits to high or to low and you end up wounding the animal. Eliminate the guess work and get a spot hogg five pin!
    I heat what your saying but I don't stand in my backyard shooting a bag at 50 with the pin set at 30. I go shoot 3d 1-2 times a week where I get to shoot at life size bull at 50 yards using the 30 yard pin constantly making kill shots. Not to mention all the other animals with uphill and downhill shots at verying yardages. Practice makes perfect. The guys who haven't shot single pin won't ever get it but your missing out. If you put the time and effort in to learn where your arrow will hit between 20 and 50 yards there's nothing unethical about. Different strokes for different folks

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