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Honestly, 10 days is probably to much to just put on your back and go for it especially if it is your first time tackling something like this. Not saying that it isn't doable, but you are going to pay for it with a load like that on your back. Your best bet is to set a base camp and go from there. That is my favorite tactic. Set up a nice base camp with adequate supplies, and then spike out for 2-3 days. When you are feeling worn out or need more supplies, relax at base camp for a spell, re-supply and head back out for another few days. Way better to have an over supplied base camp that you can visit than an under supplied pack because of weight concerns.
What is the best way to get your base camp to a centralized location from where you want to hunt? I will be in the wilderness and if we fly in the only way to haul will be by our backs, so I've been trying to figure this out since I've never done it before.