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Thanks Keven and Boss,
You guys are getting me excited to go already. I'm going to try to hunt the first few days and if have to hunt the last few.
Keven, I haven't talked to you for over a year either ! From what I've heard and now read, Bodie Hills seems to be a popular spot.
I like must don't like crowds but after opening weekend it seems to thin out.
Just thought of another question. Any recommondations on where to camp or stay ? I read about a lot of campgrounds in the area.
Might even find a cheaper hotel in Bridgeport or Lee Vining.
Thanks eveyone .
I've heard the Bodie hills is a good spot. A friend of mine said they went with a guide/outfitter that took them out in the Bodie hills to get their bucks. It is a good spot from what I've heard. One of my friends has some good deer hunting memories out by the high altitude Marine base that Never in Doubt mentions too. He was stationed out there for several years.

Awesome getting a tag in X12 HuntWYODon. I hope you will be able to get out an scout some before the season opens and you have a fun and successful hunt.