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The elk was not long range, it was only 310 yards away. Yes, it took two shots but the first was just as good as the second. I cut out the first shot because the cameraman was not ready and jumped at the crack of the first shot. He was not using a tripod for the video camera. It was terrible footage. He was ready for the second shot and got good footage so that's what I used.

The second bear was the same bear as the first one. If you look close, you'll see that I made a bad shot and hit him in the front leg the first time. Again, not long range. 233 yards. My dad was filming with a steady tripod and got good film on both shots so I used both. And like I said before, I cut out the 'dry' time between shots.

I hate watching hunting videos with bad camera work and boring parts so I tried to keep this one fast paced and entertaining.
It was fast-paced, and looked like a lot of fun to make.