How many of you have a sick sense of humor side! What kind of jokes/pranks have you played on your friends or families?

Many years ago, my brother and I were elk hunting with my high school age daughter who was/is slightly gullible. We had been on a long morning hunt and stopped to have a bite to eat on the side of an old logging skid road. One of my brothers favorite snacks are dates, which if you think about it looks rather like an elk dropping. So anyway, where we stopped just happened to have a large pile of elk droppings at his feet. Without my daughter realizing it, he palmed a date and also picked up an elk pellet. As he was examining the pellet he started this story about how the indians of the area from the olden days would eat the pellets as a kind of vitamin. We were "discussing" this when he wondered out loud what they tasted like. I of course encouraged him to taste one to find out. Meanwhile my daughter is sitting there watching and listening to this with a mix of interest and disgust when my brother hiding the pellet, popped the palmed date into his mouth and started munching away and calmly asked my daughter if she wanted to try one! She found a renewed interest in her sandwich and mumbled no thank you! When the joke was up and she hit both of us and had a good laugh.

What stories do you have?