Here are a few tick facts for you from a New Englander born and raised. You might be finding a lot of ticks, but it's only the small deer ticks that carry Lyme's and the other tick-borne diseases. The best prevention is to check yourself well after you've been in the woods. If you find a tick on you, you should be fine if it's within the first 36 hours. Just make yourself aware of what the symptoms are so you can be on the lookout for the next few days or even a few weeks. Most people I know who hang out in the woods have had it as has my wife. I've somehow avoided it.
I was fortunate to draw moose tag in maine when I was eleven and this would be my first big gam kill a 725 lb. bull 50.5 inch spread. i have ben trying to draw since with no luck. between my brother. Dad and I we have over 60 years combined attempts and only that one tag. new Hampshire is great place to be in the fall.
happy hunting carl

Good luck!