Took the camper over for a couple days to make sure everything works right, shoot some gophers, and try some shooting at 400 yards and trying to recover bullets at 400 yards. Way down where the grass changes color is a fence. To the left of center is an open gate with two stout posts on either side of the gate. In the center of the gate is my standing paper target, and on the ground just visible to the left of the paper target are 4 gallon water jugs lined up tight to each other.

I first shot paper to see how much drop I have with my 30-06 and 165 gr. Accubond at 2940 fps and my 6mm 100 gr. Partition at 3140 fps. Both are sighted about 2.5-2.75 inches high at 100 yards. I estimated about 12" of drop and it figured out to be about 11 1/4" for both. My son's 6mm shooting a 90 gr. E-tip at 3170 fps has a 4.5-14x40mm Leupold with the B&C reticle so I used the 400 yard hash mark to see how close to his load it was. It was about 4-6" high at 400 using the hash mark, so pretty darn close.

I shot the gallon jugs with my son's 6mm and the 90 gr. E-tip. It exploded all four and I found it laying on the ground about a foot past the last jug! It was as follows:

89.7 grs. for 99.6% weight retention - expanded to .405 caliber

The jugs were toast and I had two 6-gallon water tankers that had seen their better day. I used my 30-06 and the 165 gr. Accubond first and drilled them. Water shot up into the air and it burst the valves off the top of the tankers. I should have opened them as it also split seems. I might have been able to use them for a couple more times wrapped the holes with duct tape. Never found the 30-06 bullet. I believe it went through both.