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    Quote Originally Posted by BKC View Post
    Well I'll be damned! You learn something new each day. So from I would guess, they would like as many cows shot as possible in 2nd season?
    The success rate is terrible, its just a very accessible unit close to town so you can hotel hunt it (theoretically). Still plenty of private for the bulls to hide out in, that or the nastiest canyons I've seen. I might try it again some day (because I'm stupid and hard headed), I think I was figuring it out, but there's no shortage of competition there - the cap is still 500 tags for 2nd season.

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    always a ton of hunters out here. The worste part is when they shoot at the same animal the saw you stalking on.
    But Colorado allows these OTC archery, 2nd, 3rd, seasons. And alot of money comes into this place from that.

    I don't think I ever see any of that money, but I do know some guys that guide and it helps them pay the bills.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HuskyMusky View Post
    True statement?

    What do you say?

    If you want a trophy elk, 6x6 300"+ is CO near the bottom of your elk states list?

    Feel free to include some colorado elk sayings too.

    "In colorado we don't have elk, we have elk hunters"

    "The orange army"
    Nope I can find at least one 300" bull every year in OTC units, just getting to close the opportunity gets hard. That being said it is hard finding mature bulls, but if you hunt hard and burn up some boot leather they are there... Sure were not pulling out bulls like other states, but I am also a resident who gets to hunt atleast sometimes 2 different elk tags a year and prettym uch where ever I feel like hunting. In other states it takes years to draw even some of the easiest tags. I would rather have the opportunity to hunt every year then once every ten. Atleast in this system I can see a 300" + bull every year, and everyone once and a while put it down.



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