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Some of the America's greatest hunting and fishing is within 100 miles of the border with Canada and Mexico: The Maine North Woods, the Boundary Waters of Minnesota, the Charles M. Russell Wildlife Refuge and Bob Marshall Wilderness of Montana, as well as the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge and Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge; to name just a few. Congress is now considering a poorly worded, overreaching bill that could seriously impact habitat, hunting and fishing access and opportunity across border land states. The legislation is known as the "Border Bill,” (HR 1505) and gives the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) immunity to 36 federal environmental regulations ranging from the Wilderness Act, to the Clean Water Act, to the National Environmental Policy Act. Under HR 1505, DHS would have authority to do anything deemed necessary for national security (including shut down access or open up lands to motorized traffic) on all federal lands within 100 mile of the border. Sportsmen like you would have nothing to say about it. buck

No one disputes the need to keep our borders safe, but 100 miles goes too far and eliminates important checks-and-balances. Even Department of Homeland Security has argued that this proposal is unnecessary.

CALL or EMAIL your Representative in the House by Tuesday, June 19th to let your Representative know that the Border Bill unnecessarily threatens your interest in healthy fish and wildlife habitat.
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