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Looks like you got the going away present you wanted! Good luck on your hunt.
Thanks, was planning on a scouting trip for two weeks after the 4th but my dentist has other plans. In one year I went from no cavities to 5 cavities and 5 root canals (thanks to all the radiation two years ago but hey I'm alive, seems like a good trade to me). Told them they all had to be done by the start of September so I'll see what I feel like in a couple weeks and will try to at least get up there for a week or so of scouting. This mouth work will also put a delay on my move to NM again, was hoping to be there before hunting season but it looks like we may be moving in the middle of waterfowl season.

I have a couple places I would like to check on up in X9A. They are relatively short treks up the hill, about 5 miles in and between 8500 & 10,000 feet. We have taken Mulies in the mouth of one of the canyons I want to check out, but I have never been to the back where there's a alpine lake. I have another place in mind but have only seen it from Google earth & a spotting scope from a couple miles away. Both of these spots should be holding some nice bucks and far enough away from the roads to knock down 95% of the hunters.

Now if Wyoming is good to me in the morning regarding my Antelope draw I'll have one busy fall. I am one lucky man in so many ways.

Good hunting everyone, hunt hard but hunt safe