Just remember: It's only the internet.

As far as the sharing of secret hunting spots is concerned.. I used to duck hunt a place here in Missouri that was awesome.. A few thousand acres of marsh, limited hunting pressure, lots of ducks. Some dude in the Kansas City paper wrote a monster article about it, and over the next few seasons, the pressure started building. Today, the place is but a shell of its former self. Theres roads and parking lots every few feet, and you have to stand in a line and draw a number to see if you get to hunt. All because some people couldnt keep some info to themselves.
I'm all for sharing info with people, but to announce it to the world seems a little bit ridiculous to me.

Considering the asking for advice portion of the topic: There are quite a few experts in several fields on this forum, from optics wiz-bangs, to ballistics experts.. I personally have learned a ton in the short time I've been here. Anyone that would argue with someone after requesting their input isn't too terribly bright.