I went and compared some binoculars today, fully intending to stick with Swarovski SLC or EL binocs. I compared Swarovski SLC HD, Swarovski EL Swarovision, Leica Ultravid HD, and Vortex Razer HD binoculars. After looking through the binocs today my order of preference (this is me, I know everyone has their opinions and experiences) was 1. EL, 2. Razor, 3. SLC, 3. Ultravids. My dilemma is that I could buy the EL binoculars, but for the difference I dont know that they are worth $1,000-1,500 more than the Vortex binocs. I was wondering if anyone knew where the vortex razor binocs were made and what everyone thinks the longevity of the company is. I know vortex has a great warranty, but the warranty is not any good if the company is not in business anymore. Lastly do any of you know what the retail is supposed to be on the 2012 Razor HD's? Will it be similar to the 2011 models? Sorry for the long post, just want to make a good decision on this purchase.