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    My suggestion would be to give it some time and wait until the end of October when the leaves have fallen. I saw a lot of moose including cows early while scouting and then in September I struck out. Went back the last week of October and saw quite a few moose. It was a lot easier to glass and the moose were very active. I shot a nice bull on the 17th day I spent in the area.

    I hiked all over that unit. Packed in for 3 days of scouting solo about 11 miles in. Was glassing a bull and about a mile from where I was a guy pulls up on a motorcycle.

    Get a travel plan map from the forest service ASAP!!! There aren't a lot of areas you can access by vehicle and have a mile or 2 hike in and see a lot of moose.

    Most of the areas I saw a lot of moose were 4 or so miles in and if you have a bike or atv you can save a lot of time, park it and then get on foot and find your moose.

    We ended up in some good areas by driving the quads in and then putting 3-4 miles in on a trail or bushwhacking and setting up camp and moving around.

    The area really drains to Pine Creek. There is a lot of small drainages in the area and if I went back I would spend 99% of my time there. There is an ATV trail you can take up Pine Creek that a good deal of people use and you can ride all the way up through Piney Pass. There are several mountains there including Piney, Red Moutain etc. that have some good timberline type areas to glass. I didn't see anything off the trail. I didn't really spend a lot of time on the quads other than to get in a little closer to where we wanted to pack in.

    A fair amount of people told me they see plenty of moose on the south fork of the Snake that is in the zone but I didn't see a lot in there. Same thing for the Southwest part of the zone. A buddy of mine shot a good bull in the southwest area a couple of years ago.

    I sent you a private message with my contact info if you have more questions. Good luck on the moose!

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    rcrosby thanks a lot. We have scouted twice in that area and agree with your comments. That's the terrain we like to hunt and looks the best. The cow hunt doesn't open until mid Oct, so hopefully later the leaves will have fallen and maybe some snow to see em better.

    Just got back from fishing west of Heise and saw a small bull this evening along the South fork, congrats on your bull! you worked for him. We're only about 45 minutes away from the area and I'll be in touch really sounds like you got to know the hunt area well. Got the maps awhile ago! they're really needed for that area with the road access being minimal.



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