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    I don't think the story represents all of law enforcement. There are some bad apples in every occupation out there though and that is always sad hearing when folks don't do the right thing. I tend to believe most cops are not bad cops and they are trying to do the right thing and help keep folks safe.

    I have a couple of close friends that I hunt and fish with on a regular basis and I also have family members that have served and have now retired from the police force. I'm proud to know them all and I'm very thankful for their service. It's not an easy job that they perform. I've heard more than a few of those experiences that the've shared with me over the campfire and while breaking bread with them at family gatherings. Some of those experiences, well I'll just say did not sound all that pleasant for them.

    For those of you on the forum that have served in law enforcement, Bitterroot Bulls and others and also those who's family that serve or has served; Me and my family are very thankful for your service.
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    I will start by saying that my Grandfather was a cop for 35 years, my 2 uncles are both cops, and my best friend since I was 12 is a cop. That does not affect the way I feel about police punishment for stupid officers. If an officer makes a serious mistake that affects the civilian population he is punished as a cop and not a normal citizen. I don't care if a person is a cop or not, if you take a life that is not warranted you should be tried for murder not fired. This is not Iraq or Afghanistan where our boys face deadly IEDs and gun fire every day. It is still the United States and cops should act accordingly. I don't know the whole story of this case so I will not comment on it. People in general support the police BUT the bad apples need to be made an example of not fired. That would earn the public's trust. Thanks for your service BB.
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    Bitteroot Bulls, I wish to thank you for your service. I have spent the past 24 years as a deputy sheriff and currently a police officer in Kansas City. The news link that told this story is somewhat flawed in how they explained the sequence of events. I can't say whether the officer was right or wrong....he reacted to the information he was given and made a split second decision. He was told an armed man was acting irrationally in a crowded store. Probably his commands and instructions were very confusing to the victim as he did not know he was under suspicion. He reached for his identification showing his CC permit and the officer probably thought he was reaching for a gun, but we will never know for sure. It was just a very sad and trajic ending and there does have to be acountability on the officer's part.



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