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    I don't think the story represents all of law enforcement. There are some bad apples in every occupation out there though and that is always sad hearing when folks don't do the right thing. I tend to believe most cops are not bad cops and they are trying to do the right thing and help keep folks safe.

    I have a couple of close friends that I hunt and fish with on a regular basis and I also have family members that have served and have now retired from the police force. I'm proud to know them all and I'm very thankful for their service. It's not an easy job that they perform. I've heard more than a few of those experiences that the've shared with me over the campfire and while breaking bread with them at family gatherings. Some of those experiences, well I'll just say did not sound all that pleasant for them.

    For those of you on the forum that have served in law enforcement, Bitterroot Bulls and others and also those who's family that serve or has served; Me and my family are very thankful for your service.
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