Ok I have a muzzleloader elk tag for Wilderness Area in Colorado. I have researched this area extensively and one of our locations (probabally best quality & least pressure) is approximately 10 miles from the trailhead. We are backpack/bivy hunting so being optimistic lets say we are faced with the problem of having to pack meat +/- 10 miles to the truck. I have a couple options I am in the process of considering and would appreciate your comments and advice.

Option #1, to rent pack Llamas for the week. Pro's would be they would lighten our load during the trip in, would be less mantainence than horses, and could travel more difficult terrain than horses. Con's is they could be a hassle and more expensive

Option #2 to hire the only licenced outfitter for the area to pack me out. Pro's don't have to hassle with llamas, don't have to hire him if I do not get an elk on the ground, and possibly less expensive. Con's he has several other clients during this time and may not be able to get to me in a timely manner. Also, I would be traveling 1800 miles to count on some guy that I have never met (other than phone) to pack me out. If he doesn't show or cant make it to me, I am screwed.

Let me know what you guys think? Does anyone have any experience with Llamas? Also, what questions should I be asking the outfitter when I discuss my options with him this week? (for a DIY hunt/unguided)