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Hey BB,

Brand loyalty has everything to do with quality and customer service. I have used Leupold optics exclusively for over 40 years. They have a great product for the money and stand behind it...no questions asked. I sent a newly acquired (used) VXlll 3.5 x 10 back to them for a reticle change. While talking to the Tech Rep, he asked about the rifle it was mounted on(Wby Mk V, .257 mag) and what kind of mounts it had. I told him (not Leupold)and then said how much I liked the Leupold quick detachables I had on my Wby .300 mag.and was planning on replacing them, he said he was going to send me a set (free of charge) for being a loyal Leupold customer!

Can't ask any more than that. Performance has NEVER been a problem for me, they have always met my expectations. I do have a set of Swaro bino/range finder combo that my wife bought me. It is also a great product. Hard to wrong with any of the top end optical products.
All good points, CC. I agree that CS is key to many purchases, not the least of which is optics.

Brand loyalty can be a really good thing. It is a double-edged sword however. There are two types of gear buyers. The if-it-ain't-broke-don't-fix-it type and the always-a-way-to-build-a-better-mousetrap type. i guess I am kind of in the second group. I like the advances and innovations in hunting gear. I am willing to try just about any brand, if it gives me a little performance advantage. It seems like brands with strong brand loyalty, like Leupold, can kind of get stagnant on innovation, and just depend on repeat customers.

I have Leupold products I really like, but I have products from other brands I like just as much, or better. I don't limit myself to Leupold, or Zeiss, or Swarovski, or Vortex, or whoever. I just want good gear.