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elktracker, its the same for me, they do like us doing things we love.

I also have been looking at these SPOT devices for several years now since they debuted. They have a new one now that lets you program in a message that you send. Like "I got one come help me pack it out" lol. Or the standard Im ok post. I really like the idea of these. My wife even saw a friend of hers on Facebook link his up to post to his FB account last season, and so for a week she was able to see where he was hunting.
This brought up the conversation the other day about getting one. I found it nice to know she likes the idea enough to tell me about getting one before I came to her.
Wolf, I have seen those new SPOT units, that would be nice to be able to send a different message other than the programed one, they are also a little smaller and lighter than the older version I have. I think they are worth the money if you have a family to keep in touch with when you are out of cell range.
I also send the OK messages to my dad's email account, he likes to see where I am going since he is getting too old and out of shape to get up in the back country anymore. Every time I come home he tells me about when he used to hunt up there back in the 70s lol. Kinda nice for him to live vicariously through me.
Sorry, not trying to turn this into a SPOT thread.