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    15 years built up in Colorado..My dads got 18 or 19. Hopefully draw it someday.

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    WY isn't worth it imo, I wouldn't start applying here if I didn't have any points, ie you have 0 pts, guys have 17pts... how long before you have max points? If anything apply and try to draw a random tag, but not a max points tag, I would never pay the $100 for the sheep bonus point, total waste of cash. 75% of tags go to max point holders.

    CO is expensive for the non-res!

    I applied in WA last year for sheep, didn't apply this year, they doubled their application fees and it's just not worth it IMO, horrible odds, expensive to apply.

    I wonder how many guys would be better off just booking an AK dall sheep hunt and saving all these app fees, especially guys who will never draw the tags they apply for.

    Essentially I'm at the point that I won't apply for a tag that I won't draw in my lifetime.



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