Yes, the thread is correct, I have a very very very serious problem. I drew both a Bighorn Sheep tag for Area 22 AND a Mtn Goat tag for Area 1. Now of course the dilemma is which animal to hunt first and how much time to allow for each hunt. From the basic information I've got so far from the various hunters, outfitters, and the sheep biologist is that the Goat hunt shouldn't be terribly difficult to find animals but finding a nice Billie with a good coat in a good position to allow for a safe retrieval is the key. In reading the MRS section on the sheep area I was really excited however in talking to the biologist for this area, harvest was poor this last year and the number of mature rams calling this area home are down. One good thing is that WY is leaving some areas, including this area, open thru the end of October which should help bring some of the larger rams down from the high country. I also do have the ability to hunt in Area 5 all of October if need be.

Honestly guys I'm looking for some direction from anyone who has hunted goats in Area 1 or Sheep in Area 22/5. Again, what a thrill this fall is going to be. I haven't been able to sleep for 3 weeks, but some of that has to do with how sore I am from hitting the running trails and hills!

Thanks for any help anyone can lend!