4 of us just applied for Unit 29 (north of Douglas, WY) for archery antelope this fall. From the info. I gathered, it sounds like we should get drawn as there are left over tags every year because a majority of the property there is private. We'll be out there from Sept. 19th to the 25th.

We are going through a semi-guided outfit. It sounds like he shows us around, gives us some ideas, and we take it from there.

I hunted antelope for the 1st time last fall near Buffalo, S.D. We had a blast, saw animals everyday (getting w/in 60yds was the tough part), even though we didn't get anything. The hard winters out there have taken a toll on antelope #'s. We spot and stalked/decoyed 90% of the time and sat fence crossings 10% of the time. There was water every where so we didn't sit water holes.

Has anyone hunted Unit 29 before? It sounds like we will be hunting waterholes on 10,000 acres, which is alot of room to roam, considering 3 of us deer hunt on 120 acres up here in northern MN. I still plan on trying some decoying though as sitting in a blind for days on end, doesn't sound alot of fun to me.

I'm wondering on how choosy a person should be and if this area holds alot of P&Y antelope or not?

Any info. would be greatly apprecited!