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    Just got back from Wyoming with 1 buck and 2 does each for myself and friend from Calif....nothing really big. The one thing that struck me was the real decrease in numbers of antelope. Instead of 10 to 20 animals in a herd, now 5 to 10. Rut was going on big time with lots of solo bucks everywhere. Only saw one buck that would come close to 80" (and that was after I had already filled my tag!!), probably saw 200 or more bucks. Overall good hunt, but sure a lot less Antelope where we hunted.

    The big change for me was a change in land management in the area I usually hunt. The lady that owns a lot of the land that I like to hunt has leased it to one of the large ranchers in the area. If I had'nt told the caretaker/security person that I knew both of them and had hunted the area since 1985, i might have been booted out.

    Shot my buck with my 25-06 at 371 yards! Longest shot I have ever made. One of the does was shot with my .257 Wby mag at 295 yds....both one shot kills. Man I am sure not going to use any more Nolser Balistic Tip bullets as they absolutely explode when they enter the animal. They really make a mess out of the meat! The last doe was taken with the 25-06 and my old standby load with Sierra"s 117 gr boattail spitzer, great bullet performance. I'll get some pictures posted as soon as I can get some time to download them.

    We came hime early because of a family emergency with my father in Calif. I will have to go out there again in the morning. Turned in my Colorado tag and got all my points back. Always next year.
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    Sorry to hear about your dad, hope all works out well there.

    Congrats on the goats!

    Those nosler ballistics do blow up, not as big a deal on elk sized game but you hit an antelope bad with an exploding bullet there might not be much front shoulder left to salvage!

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    Sorry to hear about your dad CC. Good luck in Cali!



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